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Welcome to the brand new Imerys Performance Additives website which replaces imerystalc.com and imerys-perfmins.com. We hope you like it.
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Who Are We?

Imerys Performance Additives is a division of Imerys, the world leader in mineral specialties for industry. We harness our portfolio of minerals to produce value-added products that bring a host of benefits to your products and processes.

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A Market Driven Business

We have hundreds of years of combined mineral expertise and many of our experts come from the markets we serve. We pool this knowledge and support it with world-class science and technology and best practices. Then we lay it at your door…

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Socially and Environmentally Responsible

We take Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously. It underpins our everyday business decisions. Be it employee health and safety, land restoration, environmental protection or corporate governance, we go beyond legal requirements. Indeed, we are considered a benchmark in the industry for operating our business in an ethical and responsible way.

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Your Engine for Growth

Working closely with you, we develop innovative, value-added solutions and services based on our natural or synthetic minerals and advanced materials that improve your products and manufacturing processes—and save you money too.

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Providing Sustainable Solutions

Many of our products aren’t just good for your business; they’re good for the planet too. Take our perlite solution for replacing plastic beads in cosmetic scrubs. Or our reinforcement minerals for lighter cars with lower fuel consumption. How can we advance your environmental footprint?

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  • Personal Care
  • Ceramics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Coatings & Construction
  • Plastics
  • Food
  • Recycled Plastics
  • Paper
  • Rubber
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Our minerals

Steashield™ 10 and Mica MU™ M2/1 for stainblocking paints

Ultra-lamellar SteaShield™ 10 talc and Mica MU M/2 are excellent solutions for providing stain-blocking in solvent and water-borne paints and primers.


ImerPlast™ for recycled plastics with superior properties

ImerPlast™ is a family of engineered, mixed polyolefin compounds, compatibalized using our ImerLink™ mineral-based compatibilizing agent, which can be engineered to provide similar properties to virgin polymers.


New ImerCare® Matte for superior matte effect in creams and powders

ImerCare® Matte is a naturally white, kaolin based solution that provides a superior mattifying effect in gels and creams, liquid foundations and pressed powders.


HAR® 3G talcs for lightweight automotive plastics

HAR® 3G new generation high aspect ratio talc is an excellent natural solution for superior flexural modulus, excellent dimensional stability and good stiffness/impact balance in PP and TPOs.


Steaplus® Prime for eco-friendly, recyclable barrier coatings

Steaplus® Prime is a natural mineral base for recyclable barrier-coatings for the packaging industry. It is an excellent alternative to wax, fluorochemical and petrochemical based polymer coatings.


Mistrocell® for robust and lightweight plastic foams

Mistrocell® talc is an ideal nucleating agent for foam composites used to produce lightweight materials with improved stiffness for the automotive and packaging industries.


Nyad® for improved performance in low VOC coatings

Nyad® wollastonite is an excellent solution for providing improved mechanical properties and corrosion resistance in low VOC coatings.


Our ambition is to be the supplier of choice for performance materials and functional additive solutions. We will achieve this by building on what already makes our organization a success: integrity in safety and sustainability, best-in-class market assets, agility and proactivity.

Ralph Calmès Vice President & General Manager, Imerys Performance Additives

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As its name suggests, ImerCare® Matte imparts a superior mattifying effect in gels and creams, liquid foundations and…

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Imerys Performance Additives, a Division of Imerys, the world leader in mineral-based specialty solutions for industry,…



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