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  • Vertal® 97

    Vertal® 97 is off-white, extremely platy talc used as a dusting/parting agent in rubber compounding and for rubber goods.

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  • Vertal® AF

    Vertal® AF is a newly developed, economical, talcose mineral filler for asphalt roofing. Talc has always been recognized as the best mineral to use in asphalt, due to its ease of dispersion, low abrasion, improved processing and better weathering. But talc has also had a higher cost and builds viscosity in the mixture which limits its loading level in the asphaltic base. Imerys has now developed new technology that gives a product which much better loading characteristics and should be a drop in for carbonate or dolomite in most formulations. Vertal® AF delivers the benefits of talc at carbonate pricing. In addition, this product has a higher density than carbonate, so at a similar volumetric loading, it will give a heavier sheet.

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  • Vertal® RG

    Vertal® RG is off-white, extremely platy talc product with good flow characteristics. Vertal® RG is used as back surfacing on asphalt shingles and rolled roofing products.

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  • Wollastonite FS

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  • Wollastonite WFS

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  • Yellowstone 140

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