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Imerys offers the widest portfolio of engineered talcs, wollastonites and micas for today's plastics market.

Imerys engineered minerals make excellent reinforcing fillers, glass-fiber replacements and foaming agents in polypropylene and engineering thermoplastics for the production of lightweight automotive parts, domestic appliances, E&E components, pipes, PVC and food packaging.

Imerys engineered minerals are used as antiblocking agents in polyethylene, restore mechanical properties to recycled plastics and are ideal nucleating agents in biopolymers and semi-crystalline polymers.

Imerys micas bring multiple benefits to sound damping applications.

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Automotive Lightweighting

HAR® 3G talc for superior flexural modulus, excellent dimensional stability and good stiffness/impact balance in PP and TPOs.


Foamed Polymers

Mistrocell® talc, a new nucleating agent for outstanding performance in foamed plastics.


VOC and Odor Reduction

New ImerSorb® and Steagreen® for reduced odor and VOCs, excellent stiffness/impact balance and long-term thermal stability.

Sound Damping

Suzorite® mica for structural vibration damping and improved mechanical properties.


Film antiblocking

Mistroblock® talc for excellent antiblocking, superior clarity and haze and optimum mechanical properties.


HAR® 3G talcs