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Formerly REGAIN polymers, ImerPlast UK Ltd is one of the largest European producers of recycled polyolefin compounds in Europe. Combining access to the Imerys mineral range and in-depth knowledge of the effects of minerals in polymers with our ground-breaking polyolefin compatibilization technology, has made us a world-class player in the recycling field.
We purchase baled, post-consumer mixed polyolefin (MPO) waste (including PE, PP and PS), as well as some post-industrial material, which we reprocess to exacting standards in order to displace virgin resin from engineered applications.
By employing the latest technologies at all stages of the process-analysis of incoming raw materials, sorting, grinding, washing, blending and compounding-and through the use of our unique additive package, we can improve the properties of recycled plastics to make our compounds behave like virgin polymers suitable for a wide range of end-use applications.
Everything we do is audited to EuCertPlast standards to ensure we meet best environmental standards in all our activities.

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ImerPlast IM30 for 100% Recycled Plastic Paint Pots

  • Similar mechanical properties to virgin PP
  • Consistent behaviour independent of feed quality
  • Cost-effective, recyclable solution for the circular economy


Imerlink is the specialty coated mineral unique to Imerys, which provides compatibilization superior to olefinic block copolymer (OBC).


We buy…

We welcome contact from companies with significant quantities of LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE, MDPE, PP or PS material for recycling, whether from post-consumer or post-industrial sources or from redundant or damaged stock. Please contact us.

Our IM30 compound has been selected for Europe's first 100% post-consumer recycled resin paint pot.

The pots are moulded by Emballator in Bradford and will be used by Crown for their Crown retail 2.5l & 5L plastic packs and all 10L packs this year. 


ImerPlast, a unique recycled PP & PE alloy for perfect compatibilisation

New ImerLink helps recyclers & compounders boost performance.