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A host of benefits

Our products and services provide a host of benefits both in terms of environmental impact and the properties of the end product.  


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Recycling a polyolefin typically generates only 12% of the CO2 produced by the virgin resin so our products are increasingly chosen by our customers to help them promote their own ethical and green credentials.
To support our environmental credentials we have conducted Life Cycle Analysis studies and have been certified to EuCertPlast standards, helping our customers to market their products under Greenseal 11 (packaging for the paint industry) and Blaue Engel (consumer products) schemes.

Virgin resin replacement

Recycled resins are more cost-effective solutions than virgin resin for certain applications. 
By utilizing the latest technologies at all stages of the process-analysis of incoming raw materials, sorting, grinding, washing, blending and compounding-and through the use of our unique additive packages, we can improve the properties of recycled plastics to make our compounds behave like virgin polymers

Mechanical properties

We can rebuild the mechanical properties of the recycled product during our processing to target specific end-use application needs. 
Recycled polymers containing more than 4% of a contaminant polyolefin usually demonstrate very poor mechanical properties. This is because PE and PP have different melting and solidification temperatures, which lead to phase separation. 
Our proprietary compatibalization technology allows mechanical properties to be maintained even when there is a mix of polyolefins in the feed. 

Impact resistance

Recycled PP generally exhibits very poor impact properties. 
We can boost these back to and even above virgin PP Charpy and Izod impact levels using our additives.

Batch consistency

Blending of raw materials and additives and post compounding blending ensures batch consistency.

Improved productivity

Some of our products have been developed to improve productivity by improving cycle times. These cycle times are often faster than virgin resins.

Other benefits

Whilst in general we aim to produce standard products for specific markets, our team of polymer scientists is also capable of building bespoke products to achieve specified physical, mechanical, impact, hardness, scratch, thermal, fire, smoke and UV performance etc. 

We offer a full range of bespoke formulation services to help you achieve your specific performance requirements.

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