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ImerPlast Mixed polymer compound for high performance applications

ImerPlast is an engineered mixed polymer compound compatibilized using our ImerLink mineral-based compatibilizing agent.

Mixed polymers are particularly difficult to recycle due to compatibility problems between the various resin types which can cause them to phase separate during processing. This miscibility issue results in recycled plastics which have poor mechanical properties.

ImerPlast utilizes mixed polyolefins, saving on the expensive sorting part of the recycling chain and increasing recycling rates. These mixed polyolefins are combined with a mineral-based compatibilizing agent in a reactive compounding process. 

How ImerPlast works

ImerPlast contains an active, mineral-based compatibilizing agent which builds networks between high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP) during the compounding process. This network prevents phase separation when customers extrude or injection-mould ImerPlast.

The resulting compound:

  • Behaves consistently
  • Acts like a single polymer 
  • Has controlled mechanical properties similar to virgin HDPE or PP 

Due to its re-engineered nature, the performance of ImerPlast is independent of feed quality.

SEM photographs showing test bars with ImerPlast™
SEM photographs showing the fracture surface of test bars of uncompatibilized mixed polyolefins and compatibilized ImerPlast™ compound

In short, ImerPlast:

  • Guarantees superior mechanical and impact properties to even the most heavily sorted, single source polymers 
  • Prevents phase separation between PE and PP 
  • Provides consistent performance in extrusion and injection-molding applications
  • Can be used to replace virgin HDPE and PP 
  • Reduces scrap rates
  • Leads to cost-savings

ImerPlast is ideal for extruded, injection-molded and thermoformed parts.

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