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Extensive services

ImerPlast UK offers an extensive range of formulation and toll compounding services.

Toll compounding

ImerPlast UK recovers a variety of waste plastic:

  • Trials
  • Out-of-spec products
  • Rejects
  • Returned parts

We deliver it back to you in pellet or flake form to an agreed mechanical performance specification.

Formulation services

Our formulation service allows you to benefit from our extensive knowledge about plastics, recycling, compatibilization and minerals and to make use of our extensive lab facilities to design products for targeted applications using your own feed.

This service also includes access to our ImerLink compatibilizing additives, subject to contractual obligations and a CDA (confidential disclosure agreement) being in place.

We will even support your own customers as they use your compounds to produce their products.

Our lab facilities include:


  • Pilot-scale twin-screw extrusion lines
  • Injection moulding presses
  • Film blowing line
  • Cast film line
  • Conical twin screw extruder


  • Flexural and tensile
  • Izod, Charpy and falling weight impact
  • Heat deflection
  • Coefficient of linear thermal expansion
  • Scratch
  • Microtome SEM and IR analysis
  • Optical Microscopy
  • Weatherometer
  • Permeameter
  • Spectro-colorimeter
  • Dispersion testing
  • Long-term thermal stability testing


Trial quantities can be supplied in 25kg bags but commercial quantities are supplied in Big Bags or bulk tankers.

Please contact us for more information.

Recycled Plastics